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How to Reach Your Next Summit & Get Out of Your Comfort Zone w/ Award-Winning Speaker, Manley Feinberg

In this episode, award-winning international speaker, business leader, best selling author and professional musician, Manley Feinberg talks about how to...
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How to Adopt a Challenge Mindset w/ Dr. Ian Connole, Director of Sport Psych @ Kansas State

  Dr. Ian Connole, Director of Sport Psychology for Kansas State Athletics, teaches us how to keep our focus and...
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Strengthening Your Relationship with Failure with Mental Performance & Leadership Coach, Justin Su’a

Justin Su'a is a Mental Performance and Leadership Coach who is currently a Mental Skills Coordinator for the Boston Red...
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Play Big with Coach, Trainer & Motivational Speaker Elani Kelakos

In this episode, Elani Kelakos discusses what it means to stop playing small. Instead, we must play big and she...
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Cleveland Indians Performance Coach Talks Beating the Odds with Ceci Clark

  Ceci Clark, the first woman to be hired full-time in Major League Baseball working in mental training, talks about...
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Five minute mindset

Say Hello to Fear

 Dale Carnegie said it best, “Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.”  The World’s Best choose courage instead of fear. They feel...
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3 Ways to Lead With Positive Energy

In this episode, Cindra shares how high performers choose positive energy because it makes them and others around them better. They do this by...
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Finding Your Reserve Tank

“When your brain says that you’re done, you’re only 40 percent done.” —David Goggins, Navy SEAL and ultramarathoner  Remember the following this week:...
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