Mastering the Mental Game with Dr. Ken Ravizza, Educator, Professor, and Mental Game Expert

Dr. Ken Ravizza was a professor for over 40 years at Cal State Fullerton and has become a legend in professional baseball where he helps teams and athletes master the mental game. He has worked in professional baseball for over 25 years, and has worked closely with Joe Madden, the manager of the Chicago Cubs. Over the years he has worked with Madden at the Angels, Dodgers, Rays, and now at the Cubs. He has been involved in over eight Olympic Games where he has helped athletes master the mental game.

In this interview, Ken shares:
• His start in Major League Baseball
• What it takes to succeed while helping people with the mental game
• Why focus on the process is key to success
• The centerpiece of his practice
• RAMP C – Responsibly, Awareness, Mission, Preparation & Compete
• How to teach athletes to compete
• How the best respond to failure
• His story about failure including John Wooden
• The trend in MLB of hiring sport psychology professionals
• Advice he would give himself 20 years ago

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You can find more information about Ken’s new book, Heads-Up Baseball 2.0, which will be available mid-September at!

“The mental game is simple but complex! It’s simplexity.” @KenRavizza1
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