Imagine having a bolder vision for your future and what that could do for your career, family and performance…

Imagine the results if you were able to control the inner dialogue in your mind and live and perform with intention each day…

Imagine having a stronger sense of your life’s purpose and waking up on fire every day…

To make a breakthrough or be the best version of yourself, you need a coach in your corner pushing you and holding you accountable to be your best self. Cindra will be your partner in success and help you focus on grow and living with purpose.


3 Types of Coaching
Cindra & Mentally Strong Offers:


Company presidents, highly successful CEOs, sales managers, district leaders and business leaders rely on Cindra and her team for coaching. The confidential, one-on-one coaching helps you lead with intention and trust, balance life and work, and be accountable for a bold vision. The coaching allows you to develop their leadership skills to lead their team effectively. Topics she typically covers in her work with executives include realizing your life’s purpose, developing trust and accountability on your team, leading with courage and bravery, and understanding yourself in pressured moments.

Peak Performance

Cindra and her team work with professional athletes and teams as well as elite, college and high school athletes. Her coaching focuses on helping you develop the skills and strategies that lead to peak performance consistently. Topics she typically covers in her work with athletes include dealing with mistakes, thinking like the world’s best, staying motivated, and understanding yourself to perform at your best consistently.


Coaching helps you identify blocks, challenges and opportunities, and Cindra and her team can help guide you to lead a more courageous life. Whether you are seeking to accomplish a huge goal, find direction in your life, improve your confidence, or maximize your potential, coaching can provide you the guidance and support to do so. Cindra will be your partner in success and help you focus on grow and living with purpose.

What Others Are Saying...

What To Expect

You can expect the following results from Dr. Kamphoff’s & Mentally strong's one-on-one coaching:

  • Stronger connection to your purpose and moving forward with a bold vision for your future
  • Increased ability to deal with change
  • More self-compassion and ability to deal with mistakes and adversity
  • Stronger ability to control your inner dialogue and the stories you tell yourself about yourself
  • Increased ability to focus on what you can control
  • Improved confidence and ability to have courage and take risks
  • Enhanced ability to stay present and in the moment
  • Increased focus on what matters to you
  • The ability to design the life that you seek daily