The Inner Runner with Jason Karp, Ph.D., Author, Coach and Entrepreneur

A runner since age 11, Dr. Jason Karp is one of America’s foremost running experts, entrepreneur, and creator of the Revo2lution Running certification. He owns Run-Fit, LLC, the premier provider of innovative running and fitness services.

A prolific writer, Jason is the author of eight books including: The Inner Runner, Run Your Fat Off, 14-Minute Metabolic Workouts, Running a Marathon For Dummies, Running for Women, and 101 Winning Racing Strategies for Runners.
As a private coach, he has helped many runners meet their potential, ranging from a first-time race participant to an Olympic Trials qualifier. A competitive runner since sixth grade, Dr. Karp is a nationally-certified running coach through USA Track & Field, has been sponsored by PowerBar and Brooks.

Jason discusses in this interview:
• Why we run
• How running through discomfort is a transferable skill
• The changes in our body after a run
• How effort can become effortless
• How running can help us gain self-acceptance

You can find Jason on Twitter @jasonkarp, on Facebook HERE, and at

 “Our ability to endure is specific to humans.” @DrJasonKarp
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“When you want to give into the discomfort, ask yourself, “Is this the person that I want to be?” @DrJasonKarp
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“Find your passion and follow it to the end of the world!” @DrJasonKarp
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“Find out what you are good at and run with it.” @DrJasonKarp
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