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Chasing a Dream Regardless of Age With Pro Triathlete, Ruth Brennan Morrey

Ruth Brennan Morrey’s triathlon sporting history is certainly a nontraditional one! As a former Division I soccer player, Ruth “accidently”...
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Life as Sport with Dr. Jonathan Fader – Sport Psychologist to the NY Mets

In this interview, Jonathan discusses several factors that separate successful pro athletes, leaders, and high achievers. He believes the practice...
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Attitude is Everything with College Football Coach, Aaron Keen

In this interview, college football coach Aaron Keen talks about implementing mental training into the game of football. Coach Keen...
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Failing Forward with Mental Skills Coach Carrie Cheadle

  In this interview with Mental Skills Coach, Carrie Cheadle, she talks about the need of failure in our lives...
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How to Reach Your Next Summit & Get Out of Your Comfort Zone w/ Award-Winning Speaker, Manley Feinberg

In this episode, award-winning international speaker, business leader, best selling author and professional musician, Manley Feinberg talks about how to...
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Five minute mindset

How to Know Who You Really Are

High performers know who they are. They grow in their awareness of themselves and one way to do that is to identify your...
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How to Change Your Outlook

High performers are intentional with their outlook realizing that they can change their focus at any time. They use the practice...
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Doing Hard Things

  In this episode, we talk about how you can do hard things. You are more capable than you realize.  You...
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