How the Best of the Best View Failure, with Performance Coach, Bill Cakmis

If it’s on stage, at a podium, or in front of a camera, Bill Cakmis is hired to create it, develop it, enhance it, or fix it.  For over 30 years, Bill has coached singers, actors, anchors, talk show hosts, politicians, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, and athletes. His clients include Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Emmy winners.

Bill is a performance coach, talent coach, acting coach, and a motivational/keynote speaker.

Bill has partnered with major film studios, production companies, TV stations and National Cable stations (CNN, FOX, The Weather Channel) to create productions that are unique, creative, and powerful. Bill’s full resume is extensive, including acting, writing, directing, and motivational speaking.

 In this podcast, Bill and Cindra talk about:

  • The key mindset strategy to help you do something no one else has done
  • Why 90% of the game is “prep”
  • The #1 reason we experience nerves
  • How to not care what people think of us and why that’s essential
  • And how the best of the best view failure


0:27 – Bill’s journey to performance coaching

7:05 – Bill’s thoughts on performance mindset 

11:04 – Bill’s Nerve Equation: lack of control = fear of failure = nerves

12:47 – How Bill Helps people get out of their own way 

18:06 – Putting the focus elsewhere instead of on yourself to decrease fear

24:07 – Bill’s work with Grammy winning singers

27:21 – Top tips on how to connect with your audience as an entertainer

30:19 – A time where Bill failed and what he learned from it

40:09 – Information about Bill’s new book

41:30 – How to reach out to Bill

42:17 – Summary


“All the greatest performers I’ve worked with said they had to visualize doing what others have never done before, before they could do it themselves.” – Bill Cakmis
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“Everyone needs a little bit of arrogance to believe they belong at the top” – Bill Cakmis
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“90% of the game is in the prep. During the performance you cannot be thinking of the technique. You have to be able to just be in the present moment.” – Bill Cakmis
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“Success is not about reaching a goal. Success is about creating a goal to put you on a path. Once you’re on that path, other things will come to you that many times will be a greater opportunity than the goal you were originally going for.” – Bill Cakmis
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“There is no failure there is only embarrassment. Mastery is a process not a destination.” – Bill Cakmis
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“You’re going to fall. We all fall. So, stop worrying about it because guess what… it’s going to happen. Success is getting up to try again or realizing this isn’t for me and I’m going to try this new thing over here.” – Bill Cakmis
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