How to Lead with the Heart, Dr. Jerry Lynch, Way of Champions

While most would consider him simply a sport psychologist, Dr. Jerry Lynch is a coach, mentor and teacher who guides and coaches athletes and parents to explore the meaning and purpose of sport. Dr. Lynch has a deep calling, one where his success is not measured by “making a living” but rather by “making a difference”.

He is the author of 13 books in as many as 10 languages. Dr. Lynch is the founder and director of WAY OF CHAMPIONS, a performance consulting group geared toward helping others master the inner game for peak performance. He maintains a private practice and an extensive sport psychology consultation service for athletes, coaches and parents around the world.

Several of his clients have participated in various summer and winter Olympic Games. Most recently, he has established a consultancy with Steve Kerr, head coach of the World Champion Golden State Warriors. In the past 30 years alone, he has been part of 54 Final Four and 36 National Championship at the collegiate and professional levels.

In this podcast, Jerry and Cindra talk about:

  • What he has learned from the world’s best leaders and coaches
  • His RIVER acronym which represents human needs
  • How we can each win the day
  • Why leadership is a relationship game
  • 3 strategies to build others up
  • 3 reflection questions he suggests we each ask

4:29 – How Jerry came into the sport psychology field and his philosophy.

13:57 – Dr. Jerry Lynch describes Thinking Body Dancing Mind’s approach to mindset.

20:01 – What Jerry learned about the relationship game through the high level coaches that he’s worked with.

24:44 – The “RIVER” effect.

28:48 – What the best of the best do to create the RIVER effect.

33:43 – How the best coaches, athletes and performers approach failure.

41:05 – Advice to coaches and leaders on how to come from a place of love instead of fear or outcome oriented.

47:57 – Final advice/thoughts from Dr. Jerry Lynch


“Love is magical. When you feel love, anything is possible.” – Jerry Lynch
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“Love is the greatest success strategy.” – Jerry Lynch
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“What you say and what you do people will forget, but people will never ever forget how you make them feel.” – Jerry Lynch
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“There is only one mistake you can make in this life and that is to not follow your heart.” – Jerry Lynch
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“Do you want to feel free or do you want to feel fear? Free is love, it comes from your heart. Fear comes from your head, all about outcomes and results.” – Jerry Lynch
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