How to Respond to Adversity & Attract What You Want with Erin Alvey

Erin was born and raised in southern Georgia. She grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and Irish music…a whole lot of Irish music. Her mom introduced her to country music.  She would play Toby Keith, Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn in the car.  As a little girl, Erin would try to get my voice as deep as I could to match theirs.


She’s been performing for as long as she could remember. When she was 19, her cousin Jacob Underwood (from MTV’s making the band, OTown) brought her to Nashville to start my dream. She recorded my first EP in the Rascal Flatts private studio.


Since then I’ve been writing daily and recording more songs along the way- including “Tomahawk Love” and her latest single is called “Any Other Heart.” When she first started a reporter said she would be as popular as Taylor Swift one day. This motivates her to keep pounding away and working hard. Erin has finally found her genuine, unique sound and she believes there is no better feeling than sharing that with people.

 In this podcast, Erin and Cindra talk about:

  • Why we need to go through the lows
  • A powerful question you can ask yourself to be grateful for right now
  • The best way to respond to adversity
  • Why it’s important to actively receive
  • How we can each practice magic


0:20 – Erin’s Passion

3:10 – Erin’s advice for those getting started in the music business 

4:30 – Erin’s mindset when rejected

8:01 – Example of Erin’s highs and lows  

9:45 – A time Erin failed and what she learned from it

12:10 – Erin’s thoughts on how the best mentally prepare. 

15:23 – What does it mean to “actively receive”

17:04 – Example of when Erin crushed a performance 

23:17 – The role Erin’s parents played in her mindset 

30:37 – How Erin plans to maintain this positive growth mindset 

32:58 – Details on Erin’s new single 

33:50 – Erin’s clothing line

34:37 – How to connect with Erin 

35:33 – Summary 


“You don’t know what you’re capable of doing until you’re literally the main at the arena doing it.” – Erin Alvey
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“Fear is the biggest thing in life you have to avoid because if you’re scared of something it has control over you.” – Erin Alvey
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“If an opportunity that looks “golden” doesn’t happen… it means you are being protected. You don’t know what you’re being protected from, but you have to have peace that there is better opportunities to come.” – Erin Alvey
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“If there’s no one in your life that you feed off their positive energy, then become that person yourself. It’s contagious!” – Erin Alvey
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“I’m not going to be chasing numbers. I’m going to be chasing what I believe in!” – Erin Alvey
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