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Love, Resilience and Thriving in Difficulties with WYSIWYG Juice Founder, Kristi Schuck

Kristi Schuck, founder and co-owner of WYSIWYG Juice Company, shares her story of resilience and how to see the opportunity...
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Confidence is a Decision & Other Wisdom with West Point’s, Angie Fifer

Angie Fifer, Performance Excellence Trainer at the United States Military Academy at West Point, talks about all things performance. In...
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Chasing a Dream Regardless of Age With Pro Triathlete, Ruth Brennan Morrey

Ruth Brennan Morrey’s triathlon sporting history is certainly a nontraditional one! As a former Division I soccer player, Ruth “accidently”...
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Life as Sport with Dr. Jonathan Fader – Sport Psychologist to the NY Mets

In this interview, Jonathan discusses several factors that separate successful pro athletes, leaders, and high achievers. He believes the practice...
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Attitude is Everything with College Football Coach, Aaron Keen

In this interview, college football coach Aaron Keen talks about implementing mental training into the game of football. Coach Keen...
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Failing Forward with Mental Skills Coach Carrie Cheadle

  In this interview with Mental Skills Coach, Carrie Cheadle, she talks about the need of failure in our lives...
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Five minute mindset

Say Hello to Fear

 Dale Carnegie said it best, “Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.”  The World’s Best choose courage instead of fear. They feel...
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3 Ways to Lead With Positive Energy

In this episode, Cindra shares how high performers choose positive energy because it makes them and others around them better. They do this by...
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Finding Your Reserve Tank

“When your brain says that you’re done, you’re only 40 percent done.” —David Goggins, Navy SEAL and ultramarathoner  Remember the following this week:...
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