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How to Adopt a Challenge Mindset w/ Dr. Ian Connole, Director of Sport Psych @ Kansas State

  Dr. Ian Connole, Director of Sport Psychology for Kansas State Athletics, teaches us how to keep our focus and...
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Strengthening Your Relationship with Failure with Mental Performance & Leadership Coach, Justin Su’a

Justin Su'a is a Mental Performance and Leadership Coach who is currently a Mental Skills Coordinator for the Boston Red...
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Play Big with Coach, Trainer & Motivational Speaker Elani Kelakos

In this episode, Elani Kelakos discusses what it means to stop playing small. Instead, we must play big and she...
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Cleveland Indians Performance Coach Talks Beating the Odds with Ceci Clark

  Ceci Clark, the first woman to be hired full-time in Major League Baseball working in mental training, talks about...
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2-Time Cancer Survivor & Olympic Hopeful Talks Resilience, Gabe Grunewald

  Gabriele Grunewald is an Olympic hopeful who competes for the USA in the 1500, 3000 and 5000 meters. Gabe...
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Chicago Cubs Director of Mental Training Talks Winning Mindset & Big Dreams, Josh Lifrak

  In this interview, the Director of Mental Training for the Chicago Cubs, Josh Lifrak, discusses the winning mindset and...
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Five minute mindset

How to Know Who You Really Are

High performers know who they are. They grow in their awareness of themselves and one way to do that is to identify your...
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How to Change Your Outlook

High performers are intentional with their outlook realizing that they can change their focus at any time. They use the practice...
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Doing Hard Things

  In this episode, we talk about how you can do hard things. You are more capable than you realize.  You...
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