Developing a Predator Mindset with Gene Zannetti, Owner of Wrestling Mindset

Wrestling Mindset was developed by Gene and Jeff Zannetti to help wrestlers reach their full potential in wrestling, school and life.


Co-founder Gene Zannetti graduated with a Psychology degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He has two masters degrees; one in Sport Psychology and the other in Clinical Psychology. Gene is a certified School Psychologist, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. His masters degree thesis (Perfectionism & Anxiety) has been published in the International Journal of Wrestling Sciences.  Gene was a nationally ranked All-Ivy League wrestler at UPenn.


Gene has studied the best wrestlers, coaches & experts in the world to learn the secrets of performance success. This led to the development of a one of a kind, trademarked Wrestling Mindset program. Since 2008, Wrestling Mindset coaches have worked with thousands of wrestlers, teams, coaches & clubs. The Wrestling Mindset program has been used by the Men’s & Women’s USA National Team, top college and high school teams & wrestlers, as well as youth and rec programs throughout the country.


In this interview, Cindra and Gene discuss:

  • How the wrestling mindset is different than other sports
  • The 4 areas we must train (spirit, mind, body and approach)
  • Predator vs prey Mindset
  • The fan/hype mentality
  • 4 main qualities of a pre-competition routine
  • 5 parts of mental recovery


Find Gene on Twitter @WrestlingMindse.

“Eyes on the front like to hunt. Eyes on the side like to hide. That’s the predator vs prey mindset.”@WrestlingMindse
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“Who are you? What do you believe? And what are your values?”@WrestlingMindse
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“What brings out your best self?”@WrestlingMindse
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“Charge your battery after every round. Focus on recovery.”@WrestlingMindse
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“Don’t let a day go by without improving yourself.”@WrestlingMindse
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“We don’t leave our techniques to chance nor should we leave our mind to chance.”@WrestlingMindse
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