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Cleveland Indians Performance Coach Talks Beating the Odds with Ceci Clark

  Ceci Clark, the first woman to be hired full-time in Major League Baseball working in mental training, talks about...
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2-Time Cancer Survivor & Olympic Hopeful Talks Resilience, Gabe Grunewald

  Gabriele Grunewald is an Olympic hopeful who competes for the USA in the 1500, 3000 and 5000 meters. Gabe...
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Chicago Cubs Director of Mental Training Talks Winning Mindset & Big Dreams, Josh Lifrak

  In this interview, the Director of Mental Training for the Chicago Cubs, Josh Lifrak, discusses the winning mindset and...
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The DNA of Championship Teams with Motivational Speaker & Author, Ross Bernstein

Ross Bernstein is an award-winning peak performance business speaker who’s keynoted conferences on four continents and the author of nearly...
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Turning a Single Kernel into an International Success with Angie’s BoomChickaPop

It all started back in 2001 when Angie and her husband, Dan, bought a kettle online and began popping corn...
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Professional Baseball Pitcher Talks Focusing on the Process & Routine with Jason Hoppe

Focusing on the process, not the outcome is the key to success, says professional baseball pitcher, Jason Hoppe. Jason holds...
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Five minute mindset

3 Mindset Shifts to Stay Gritty

You’ll have more energy to sustain you and your goals over years and decades when you cultivate your grit. Success is about sustained...
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Choose a Growth Mindset

This week on the podcast, we talk about various ways to adopt a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. When we adopt a growth...
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What Do You Want in 2023?

In this episode, we encourage you to think about what you really want in 2023. High performers set goals because it gives them...
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