Be the Best You with Dr. Vernice Richards, Director of Mental Conditioning & Peak Performance, Evert Tennis Academy

Dr. Richards is currently the Director of Mental Conditioning and Peak Performance at the Evert Tennis Academy she is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. She is also certified by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP-CC #505), received her Masters in Counseling specializing in Sports Psychology from Boston University and her PhD in Sport Psychology from Florida State University.

Dr. Vernice provides some serious gems in this interview including:

  • Her Pyramid of Success: 1) Breathing at the base, 2) Then present moment focus, and 3) Openness/growth mindset at the top.
  • How she teaches breathing and mindfulness
  • Her definition of “compete”

You can follow Vernice on Twitter @VerniceRichards.

“Compete – be the best you can be! Give 100% of what you can do in this moment. Win the moment!” @VerniceRichards via @Mentally_Strong
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“You always have your breath to help you stay in the moment. Use it to help you be the best you!” @VerniceRichards via @Mentally_Strong
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“It’s okay to be nervous. Just focus on what you want instead.” @VerniceRichards via @Mentally_Strong
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“My best advice: Avoid internalizing. Notice for what it is – there is not reason to judge yourself .” @VerniceRichards via @Mentally_Strong
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“I fail a little bit each day. The key is to recognize your humanity and be open to growth.” @VerniceRichards via @Mentally_Strong
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