What the Best Athletes Do with Sport Psychologist, Dr. Cristina Fink

Cristina is a highly experienced sport psychologist with over 20 years of experience in teaching, counseling and sport administration. Her clients include Olympic Medalists and World Champions as well as professional and national soccer teams. One professional team she works with is the soccer team Philadelphia Union where she works directly with first team athletes.


She was the Sport Psychologist for several teams in the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games including Synchronized Swimming, Track and Field, Modern Pentathlon, Swimming, Diving, Archery, Taekwondo and Soccer. Cristina competed in two Olympic Games (Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992) and held the Mexican High Jump Record with a 6’4” jump for 22 years.


In this interview, Cindra and Cristina discuss:

  • Cristina’s experiences competing at the Olympic Games
  • The importance of having psychological flexibility
  • An exercise Cristina calls “Possible Stressful Situation”
  • Why we need to take responsibility for our own behavior
  • 3 questions to ask ourselves to get better

Find Cristina’s episode HERE.

“You can’t control how you think and feel. But you can manage it.” Cristina Fink
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“Thoughts are just thoughts. You decide if you are going to pay attention to them or not.” Cristina Fink
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“If emotional in competition, ask yourself: ‘Do I need to address that feeling right now?’” Cristina Fink
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“The process is what you can control. You can take responsibility for the process.”
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“Ask yourself: “What went well? What could be better? How can I do that?”
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You can reach Cristina at cfink@hpsports.com.