Transition to College Athletics with Confidence with Carmen Tebbe Priebe, Ph.D., Sport Psychologist at Upside Down Performance & University of Iowa

Dr. Carmen Tebbe Priebe spent 9 years at the University of Oklahoma Athletic Department. At OU, she provided counseling, performance enhancement, leadership, and team-building services for all OU student-athletes.

While they loved life in Oklahoma, she and her husband wanted to raise their children closer to family and moved to Ankeny, Iowa in August 2015.  She worked for the Iowa State University Student Counseling Services for 9 months and then started in her current role as a part-time sport psychologist for the University of Iowa Athletics Department.  In addition to serving the Hawkeyes, she has a consulting and private practice business, Upside Down Performance, with Dr. Angie Fifer (Episode 40: Confidence is a Decision) and Chelsea Latorre.

Carmen and Angie have over 25 years combined experience and offer on-line courses for student-athletes in transition. To learn more about their course, go to where High Performance Mindset listeners get 25% OFF any on-line course with the coupon code: TRANSITIONS. (WOW!)

In this interview, Carmen discusses:

  • How to address the pressure to perform
  • Why blocking out the noise is essential to perform well
  • Your “go-zone” and how to find it
  • How mental health is on a continuum
  • Why we need to be deliberate with our relationships


You can find more information about Upside Down Performance including their courses and their blog at and on Twitter @UpsideDownPerf.


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