The Journey Towards Excellence with Traci Statler, Professor & Consultant to USA Track and Field

Dr. Traci Statler is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton.


She has been providing sport and performance consulting services for over 15 years, and currently serves as a consultant for USA Track and Field, USA Volleyball, USA Pole Vault, and a variety of additional collegiate programs. She furthermore conducts individual performance enhancement sessions with professional and junior elite athletes, medical practitioners, and police officers in southern California.


She is the upcoming president for the the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and has served as the Vice President of the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP). She had the privilege of attending the Rio Olympics with USA Track and Field as their sport psychology consultant.


In this interview, Traci and I discuss:

  • Her definition of mindset
  • Why struggling is essential for our success
  • How the best deal with mistakes and disappointments
  • Why failing faster is the key to success
  • How authenticity is a key to being successful
  • Why it is important to consider how you intentionally want to show up
  • How Olympians are mental training to be successful


Find Traci on Twitter @TraciStatler.

“Excellence is a process, a path, a journey.”@TraciStatler
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“Mindset is your ability to control your thoughts and emotions that contribute to your task.”@TraciStatler
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“How do you want to think, feel, do and be?”@TraciStatler
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“We have to fail to have the pain to be motivated which ultimately leads to success.”@TraciStatler
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“The struggle through imperfection is the thing that makes you a better, more consistent performer.”@TraciStatler
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