Know Who You Are with Dr. Wendy Borlabi, Sport Psychologist with the Chicago Bulls & Founder of Borlabi Consulting

Dr. Wendy Borlabi is currently working with the Chicago Bulls and is founder of Borlabi Consulting, a performance psychology firm. She is an independent consultant with the National Basketball Association, and worked for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) at their training center in San Diego for six years (two Winter Olympic and one Summer Olympic Games).

She co-founded Acumen Performance Group along with six current and ex-Navy SEALs, and spend five years at James Madison University where she began the sport psychology services for the student-athletes, coaches and athletic department. She received a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Sport Psychology and Exercise Psychology at Argosy University/Phoenix.

In this interview, Wendy discusses:
• What distinguishes the elite from the super elite
• The psychological attributes of the world’s best athletes
• The mental skill/tool she teaches all of the athletes she works with
• How self-awareness it like body odor (love it!)
• How she addresses barriers to mental training
• 7 ways to address anxiety
• Her recommendations for those interested in studying sport psychology or want to learn more about it

You can find Dr. Borlabi on Twitter and Instagram @DrBorlabi and at

“For the world’s best athletes, sacrifice is a way of life.” @DrBorlabi
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“The motivation for what you do has to be intrinsic – to have passion for what you do.” @DrBorlabi
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“A key to be at your best is to know who you are and know who you want to be!” @DrBorlabi
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“Self-awareness is like body odor. When you smell yourself, you are over the top.” @DrBorlabi
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“The best always find a way to grow.” @DrBorlabi
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“If you are questioning mental training, you really haven’t challenged yourself.” @DrBorlabi
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“My final advice is to be who you are. People like to be around people that are themselves.” @DrBorlabi
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