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Money Mindset with Jane Atkinson, Speaker Coach and Author, The Wealthy Speaker School

Today on the podcast we have Cindra’s own speaker coach, Jane Atkinson! Jane Atkinson has been helping speakers catapult their...
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The Mindset of an Olympian with Chris Stanley, Florida State University & Sport Psychology Consultant for USA Track and Field

Dr. Chris Stanley earned his BA from the University of Illinois-Chicago, where he was also an all-conference track athlete. Thereafter,...
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Becoming Limitless with Monica Coleman, Certified Professional Coach and Limitless Methodology

Monica Coleman is the founder of Inside Information Coaching and Consulting, LLC, and architect of the Limitless Methodology. As an...
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80% Mental with Dr. Len Zaichkowsky and Dan Peterson, Authors of The Playmaker’s Advantage and The Playmaker’s Decisions

We have renowned sports psychologist Len Zaichkowsky and mental performance consultant Dan Peterson on to provide a deep dive on...
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Controlling Your Olympic Moment with Dr. Anne Shadle, Certified Mental Performance Consultant

Dr. Anne Shadle is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, where she earned her B.S. in Exercise Science. During her undergraduate...
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A Second Chance at Life with John Kriesel, Motivational Speaker & Veteran

If Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was writing his incredibly popular book, The Power of Positive Thinking, today he would need to...
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Five minute mindset

Say Hello to Fear

 Dale Carnegie said it best, “Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind.”  The World’s Best choose courage instead of fear. They feel...
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3 Ways to Lead With Positive Energy

In this episode, Cindra shares how high performers choose positive energy because it makes them and others around them better. They do this by...
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Finding Your Reserve Tank

“When your brain says that you’re done, you’re only 40 percent done.” —David Goggins, Navy SEAL and ultramarathoner  Remember the following this week:...
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