Your Potential Has No Limits

“I don’t know where the limits are, but I would like to go there.” Eliud Kipchoge


High performers believe their potential is unlimited. They recognize their limiting beliefs and condition themselves to move their vision to new heights. They level up their beliefs to change their future and experience.


Power Phrase this Week: I choose empowering beliefs so that I can reach my potential. If I think it, I can do it.”


1:10 – Quote of the day

1:31 – Example

2:40 – Why This is Important

3:10 – Examples of Limiting Beliefs 

3:28 – Story From the Mankato Marathon 

5:10 – How Do We Address Our Limiting Beliefs?

6:25 – Summary 

6:42 – Power Phrase 


“It’s our beliefs that shape our potential.” – @Mentally_Strong
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“We need to address our limiting beliefs. If we examine and change them we can reach our full potential” – @Mentally_Strong
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“High performers believe their potential is unlimited.” – @Mentally_Strong
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