What the 2013 Boston Marathon Taught Me About Gratitude

YouTube video

In 2013, I had finished the Boston Marathon. It was my third Boston. I love that race is so many ways. I love the passion of the people, the energy of the event, and even the difficulty of the course. Heartbreak Hill is so hard but so amazing when you get to the top! It is my favorite race, hands down.

Obviously things were a little different that year. When the bombs went off, I was just a few blocks away from the finish line.

This video is about my experience at that race and why I am grateful for the difficult experience. It taught me something important about gratitude and happiness.

In this video, I share why expressing gratitude is so important and why appreciating the difficult experiences can be helpful. Then, I share 3 proven ways to increase your happiness through gratitude.

Choose 1 of the 3 ways I discuss in the video to increase your gratitude and happiness this week. When you express gratitude, you are in one of the best possible emotional states..

I’d love to hear from you. Post a comment under the video or shoot me an email at cindra@cindrakamphoff.com about what it was like for you to intentionally express your gratitude this week.