What I Learned from Interviewing 20 Mindset Experts in 6 days

This Friday April 17th I was set to do a Ted Talk that has been put on hold. I knew I needed to direct my energy to something new. I asked myself, “How can I help? How can I serve?” So I reached out to 20 top experts in mindset and mental performance and put them all in one place for you.  It’s call the High Performance Mindset Summit and it starts Friday! 

These top 20 experts include bestselling authors, top mental performance coaches for pro teams, and other influencers on the topic of mindset and how you can deal with adversity and change. When I got done interviewing these 20 experts, my mind was blown. I learned so much. And the best part – I feel more on purpose, clear on my values, and mentally stronger. The summit it designed for you to do the same.

The summit is FREE and you can access it at www.HighPerformanceMindsetSummit.com. You will learn strategies to lead yourself and others with grit, how to reduce fear and stay in the present, and other mindset tools to be your best more often.
In these week’s podcast, I summarize a few key ideas from the interviews.

This Week’s Power Phrase: I am meant to adapt and persevere. I stay mentally strong.”