The Power of Authenticity

This week we focus on the 7th trait of High Performers: They consciously practice authenticity daily. 
Over the last year I have been on my own journey of showing up as myself in every situation and to truly embrace who I am in every way.
I have found that this takes guts and courage. Honestly, more courage than I expected!
Through this journey, I have come to see authenticity as a foundation of our daily performance.
In this fireside chat, I talk about the power of embracing your authenticity and how to do that.

Will you join me in my journey of consciously practicing authenticity daily? This means to work to show up as yourself and to make a conscious decision to do so. If you do so, you will never feel more alive!

Authenticity is a practice. A conscious choice of how we want to live each day and consciously living it as yourself.

 Why? Because the world needs you and your gifts. 🙂