The Comparison Trap

YouTube video

Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” This is one of my favorite quotes because I have found it to be completely accurate.

We compare our appearance, our business, our number of friends on Facebook, our athletic ability, our families, and our “things” to other people.


We all do this.

We compare ourselves to others to evaluate our place in the word.

The problem is that we usually don’t do it in a fair way.

In the video, I share a recent story of how I caught myself in the “comparison trap,” what the research says about comparing yourself to others, and 2 things to do instead.

When you find yourself falling into the trap and using someone else as a benchmark for your own self-worth, stop and remind yourself how ineffective this strategy is.

Instead, redirect your energy and attention to your own goals, what is required to achieve them, and being the best version of you along the way.