When you know your why, you’re what has more impact because you’re working towards your purpose.” Michael Junior


High performers own their why. They don’t just know their why, they own their why. They remind themselves of their why daily and communicate their why to others they work with or lead. Owning your why inspires action, helps you stay fueled and inspired.


Power Phrase this Week: I own my why. I remind myself of my why daily to stay pumped and motivated to do what I do.”


1:00 – Quote of the day

1:10 – Example

1:53 – What Beyond Grit has to say on the topic

2:32- Why it is important to Own Your Why. 

3:17 – First step to Owning Your Why

3:59 – Exercise to help Own Our Why

7:22 – Final message

7:40 – Summary

7:28 – Power Phrase

“Reminding yourself every day why you do what  you do will help you stay on fire and ready to go with energy, passion, and excitement – @Mentally_Strong
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“High performers don’t just KNOW their why, they OWN it every day.” – @Mentally_Strong
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