High performers are intentional with their self-talk. They think “I can…” to reach their potential. They are honest with themselves and when they think “I can’t…”, they ask themselves if they are willing to do the work to change it to “I can….”. This is important because when we are think “I can’t…” we really mean “I won’t.”


Power Phrase this Week:I believe that I can! I change my can’t into cans to help me reach my big plans.”


0:50 – Quote of the day

1:02 – Example

2:06 – Why the “I Can” Statement is So Powerful

2:45 – Why We Should Avoid “I Can’t” 

4:48 – Final message

5:12 – Summary

5:25 – Power Phrase


“The most POWERFUL way to talk to yourself is I WILL, I CAN, I AM!” – @Mentally_Strong
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“I can’t statements limits your potential. High performers are intentional with their self talk. They think I can reach their best.” – @Mentally_Strong
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