How to Fail Forward

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” Henry Ford.

High performers view mistakes as mis-takes. They learn and burn. This mindset helps them fail forward and stay confident, motivated and excited about what they are doing.

 Power Phrase this Week: “I commit to fail forward. I learn and burn realizing that failure can be mindfully learned from.”

1:13 – Quote of the day.

2:08 – What it means to fail forward.

2:34 – why does failing forward matter?

2:55 – How to fail forward.

3:37 – Strategy from Cindra’s book to help develop a learning mindset.

“Failure is really an opportunity to begin again.” – @Mentally_Strong
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“Failure is a good thing, it’s a learning tool and it’s not something we need to punish ourselves or others for.” – @Mentally_Strong
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“High performers view mistakes as ‘miss takes’.” – @Mentally_Strong
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