How to Crush it Every Time

I love the phrase “CRUSH IT.”

Whenever I really want to step up my game, that phrase always helps me bring a whole new level of performance.

To crush it, you must be focused on your past successes instead of your failures. The problem is that most of us remember our failures more than their successes.

When we remind ourselves of our failures, we are programming our mind for failure to happen.

So, what should you do instead?

In this video, I provide 2 specific strategies you can use to help you crush it.

When you catch yourself thinking about a time that you failed or didn’t do so well, replace the image in your mind with a time that you crushed it.  The more you remind yourself of your successes, the more confident you will become.

To program your mind for future success, use 1 of the 2 strategies I discuss in the video.

If you do that, you are more likely to experience success in the future.