How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

This week we focus on the 4th trait of High Performers: They have high self-awareness.

 This means that the most successful are aware of their thoughts, emotions, and actions in the moment.

As I was running Grandmas Marathon this weekend, I thought a lot about self-awareness and my message for you this week. I had an ah-ha moment in that race around mile 12.

This was my ah-ha moment.

I realized that people that reach their ultimate potential and live a life of high performance take self-awareness to a new level than just the basic definition described above. They live their life on purpose and with purpose. They have direction and have considered how their daily thoughts, emotions, and actions lead to the legacy they want to leave.

Could you use a little more motivation or direction in your life?

Have you ever questioned why you do what you do?

Do your daily thoughts, emotions, and actions reflect the legacy you want to leave?

In this 3 minute video, I share with you why considering your legacy is essential for your daily performance. I then provide a strategy you can use to consider your legacy. This message and you helped me through 26.2 miles on Saturday!

We are all born with the need to leave a legacy. Each of us desires to have a life that matters. We each desire to have purpose and significance.

Consider the legacy you want to leave behind.

Now, perhaps the EVEN BIGGER QUESTION…..

Are you living today in a way that reflects the legacy you want to live?

If not, consider the changes you need to make.

What do you need to do every day to live the legacy you want? 

 What do you need to STOP doing every day to live the legacy you want? 

And HOW do you need to show up in this world every day to live that legacy?

How you live every day IS YOUR LEGACY.