Do You on Purpose

Dolly Parton – “Figure out how you are, then do it on purpose.”


High performers do themselves on purpose. They spend time thinking and reflecting on what they love to do, what they would miss dinner for, and what their legacy will be. They understand what is important to them.


Power Phrase this Week: I figure out who I am and do it on purpose. I do what I love, which keeps me fueled and excited about my life.”


1:14 – Quote of the day

1:30 – Example

2:18 – 3 Powerful Question to Find Clarity on Your Purpose

5:00 – Final message

5:27 – Summary

5:55 – Power Phrase


“The world’s best know who they are and why they do what they do. They are clear on their purpose.” – @Mentally_Strong
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“What makes you forget to eat dinner? What activities do you do that don’t feel like work and you could do for a long period of time without being tired? That’s your passion.” – @Mentally_Strong
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