Beyond Grit Bonus: Own Your Why

In this episode, we provide you with a chapter from Cindra’s Bestselling book, Beyond Grit: Ten Powerful Practices to Gain the High Performance Edge. You will learn how to identify your why and how to own your way each day.

The limited time special offer she provides is a FREE copy of her book: (just pay shipping and handling).

[tweet_dis2]”Without a clear connection to your why, you can get off track, burn out, and forget to make your why a priority.” – @Mentally_Strong [/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”Owning your why helps you stay motivated, passionate, and engage in your career, sport, and life.” – @Mentally_Strong [/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”Make a big deal about your why, because it makes all the difference.” – @Mentally_Strong [/tweet_dis2]

[tweet_dis2]”When I work with teams, I start the discussion with this question: When you look deep in your soul, what is the reason you do what you do?” – @Mentally_Strong [/tweet_dis2]