The Mindset to Leverage Your Business with Fabienne Fredrickson, Business Mentor

For 20+ years, Fabienne Fredrickson has powerfully mentored thousands of women business owners to grow, then scale their businesses, earning them tens of millions collectively each year, while increasing their time off to enjoy lives they love.

Her Leveraged Business methodology is based on her nearly 15 years of experience in generating multiple 7 figures annually with three children at home, while taking 14 weeks of unplugged vacations each year. It is proven to work.

Fabienne’s revolutionary book, The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go From Overwhelmed at 6-Figures to 7 Figures (and Get Your Life Back) is the new definitive roadmap on how she’s done it with heart and how you can too, without sacrificing your life.

You can get a free copy of the book at, and you can find her at and on social media channels.

In this interview, Fabienne and Cindra discuss:

  • How to develop a leveraged business
  • 8 strategic Leverage Activators to grow your business to $1 million
  • How to address your limiting beliefs about money that impact business development
  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy, as it relates to growing a business

“What is a Leveraged Business? It is the result of doing less, better – using smaller efforts to multiply your outcomes and turning your business into a self-managing company.” Fabienne





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“You can be powerful and feminine, they aren’t mutually exclusive.”  – Fabienne Fredrickson @Mentally_Strong
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“Start marketing like your’e writing your clients a love letter. People stay where they feel loved and cared for.” – Fabienne Fredrickson @Mentally_Strong
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Cindra Kamphoff: I’m so excited to have Fabienne on the podcast today here on our 500th episode in the high-performance mindset.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Putting me for that I feel very special.

Cindra Kamphoff: And I think there’s no one better than you to have on fire 500 episodes so I’ve been following your work for very long time, nearly a decade and I’m really excited to talk to you about your new book The leveraged business and just to help people learn more about what you have going on and your business and how they could learn from you, so thank you so much for joining us.

Fabienne Fredrickson: My pleasure I’m happy to give just everything I will answer every question you have.

Cindra Kamphoff: Well, that sounds wonderful so that’d be on your joining us from Paris that sounds really fabulous and I’m going to come visit, so please do.

Cindra Kamphoff: My first question for you is just tell us a little bit about what you’re passionate about and what you’re doing right now.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I am I’m passionate about two women, making their own money and lots of it.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’ve been a business coach.

Fabienne Fredrickson: For 21 years now and for the majority of the people that I’ve worked with, and it’s been more than 10,000 women that I’ve worked with most of them women and what I’ve noticed Cindra is that. especially women, men too, but when women make their own money and lots of it, they have a voice and a choice in their life.

Fabienne Fredrickson: We have not necessarily been socialized to think that it’s normal to have a million-dollar business and 14 to 16 weeks of vacation a year and to live life our way.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You know I’ve been known for the client attraction system for 20 years and now my sweet spot is getting somebody who’s at six figures but overwhelmed.

Fabienne Fredrickson: To seven figures, even if they didn’t originally think they would want to be at a million.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I have a predictable process of verifiable repeatable process I’ve taken so countless people to a million with their life back so they don’t have to sacrifice most people think getting to a million means you, you lose yourself, you work harder it’s actually the opposite to get to a million, you have to work less, and so this is what I teach at bolt heart, and this is what I’m passionate about.

Cindra Kamphoff: Little that sounds fabulous.

Cindra Kamphoff: And I know you have a new book the leverage business so we’re going to get into that today.

Cindra Kamphoff: You know coach a lot of women and men, so do one on one coaching they’re entrepreneurs’ people in salespeople who really want to level up their business, and I see that they have a lot of limiting beliefs about money and about success, I even had to work through some of those myself.

Cindra Kamphoff: Yeah, tell us what you see in terms of the people that you work with and the beliefs, that they have about success and money and how the those hold them back.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I will say this everybody’s got money issues 100% of people and here’s what I mean by that if there is anyone who wishes, they could be making more money and they’re not it’s simply points to a programming that makes them think that this is not available to them or that they don’t deserve it, or that it’s difficult or that it will make you a bad person.

Fabienne Fredrickson: So, for anyone that you stop on the street, or you talk to one of your clients or one of your friends if they’re not making the money they do want to be making even if they’re you know doing well it’s because the mindset is getting in the way in the mindset is a collection of beliefs about money and people who make money about what it takes to make that kind of money in terms of work.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Who, you have to be and it’s also a question of.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Your feelings and in your rules around money.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And then, what does money represent and I’m happy to talk about wealth consciousness, if you want to unpack that but it’s also about your self image.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yourself image meaning who you see yourself to be in this world, and a lot of people feel that they’ve been dealt a hand let’s say the dealer of life dealt to a hand and they think that that’s what you must play out for the rest of your life, and it is not true, you can just say dealer I’d like a new set of cards, and when you shift your mindset when you do the work.

Fabienne Fredrickson: This is when new money comes into your life easily in fact I’ll go so far as to say Sandra that it’s easier to make a million a year than it is to make 500,000 a year than it is to make.

Fabienne Fredrickson: 100,000 a year it’s easier to make a million a year than it is to make 10,000 a year and I know that sounds controversial, but it has absolutely been true for me and all of the clients that have taken to a million.

Cindra Kamphoff: So, what are some of the ways or a way that you think that, as people are listening and they’re saying yes, I definitely have those beliefs about money that are getting in my way, how would you share with a client in terms of how you move past those some of those beliefs.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Okay, so um I’ll phrase it, as this is the approach that I take with the members of bolt heart is we pick a stretch goal okay every year we have a plan and strategy day as a community, and I put them through the stretcher.

Fabienne Fredrickson: We could go, we could increase 10% a year.

Fabienne Fredrickson: But it’s going to you know you’re going to be working at it anyway, why don’t you increase 50% a year or 40% a year or 100% a year, and so, when we pick that stretch goal.

Fabienne Fredrickson: We look at the resistance that comes up, the resistance, motivation, prep, procrastination is it beliefs around it’s hard, is it what is getting in the way of you fully embracing that yes, I will get there, I expect to get there watch me get there.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And this is the mindset around money around work around rich and successful people that we during the course of that year work on because everything I do.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Is a dual track, this is why I’ve been able to help so many people are the most people think they want the strategy, and the strategy is good but frankly we’re really all one Google search away from exactly how to insert anything.

Fabienne Fredrickson: If it really, was just about the knowledge, you know.

Fabienne Fredrickson: It would you know we’d all be there; it isn’t about the knowledge it’s about the mindset, which is why we have a mindset first methodology to everything we do right, and this is what we talked about in the leverage business.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Book so before I teach anything, the strategy, the knowledge, the methodology, the framework we first go look at.

Fabienne Fredrickson: What are the fears that come up? What are the beliefs that come up? what do you, you know what is going to get in the way of you fully implementing that? what I’m going to teach you in terms of strategy, and we deal with that first and this guy it works all the time, because if you understand on a mindset level that actions become habits and just you know implementation comes not from the conscious mind.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Willpower is the conscious mind it doesn’t come from willpower we’ve all willed ourselves to do certain things and the willpower last three months, three weeks, three days, three hours three minutes, and for many just three nanoseconds so it’s not about willpower 95% of the actions and therefore results, the to get come from what’s lodged deep in your programming and subconscious so I’m always working on the strategy, but also the energy, the energy is, what do you, you know your conscious is what you think you believe and your subconscious is what you really believe and if your subconscious beliefs your identity, who you see yourself to be and what you see as possible and within reach for yourself is out of alignment with the big stretch goal that you chose.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You will sabotage every single time, this is a law of the universe, so if you want to get to a million, you have to look at what your programming is around money and people who have it in what it will take, and all of that, and you know what’s beautiful, is it doesn’t take a long time.

Fabienne Fredrickson: It very short period of time, sometimes a matter of minutes, sometimes a matter of hours and just maybe three days.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And then you remove the resistance, which means all the stuff that you’ve been procrastinating sabotaging delaying seeing is available to you, maybe in 10 years is available to you next week and it’s magical.

Cindra Kamphoff: Well, again, I appreciate what you said, in terms of helping us think about what are our stretch goals and I’m hopeful that people are listening thinking what’s my stretch goal, then what’s getting in my way, and what are the beliefs that are getting in my way towards that stretch goal, so thank you for sharing that idea there I love to hear a little bit about why you got into your business and why you do what you do so, tell us a bit about that.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah, I’d be happy to give you I’ll take you back 21 years ago.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I was in corporate I was selling ad space for food and wine magazine, and frankly I’m unemployable, I knew that then.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I know this now is like a slow death for me, the idea of working for someone else.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I took the great leap of faith and I quit my corporate job in 1999 to really on a hope and a prayer.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Thinking if I can just make 65,000 a year, which is what I last made in corporate as my base salary. I could live a life of impact and freedom, meaning, I live to be a catalyst in somebody’s life.

Fabienne Fredrickson: This is literally, there are a few things that gives me as much joy, so when I come into somebody’s life figure out what they want help them get it, and then I’m off.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And the I knew I wanted to do that, and I knew I wanted to have the freedom of doing what I want when I want with him, I want, nobody telling me what to do, and you know I thought clients Center like for as a holistic nutritionist.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And I needed to figure out how to get clients are also I’d have to you know throw in the towel and go back and that was just I couldn’t live that soul sucking existence anymore, so I built a client attraction system for myself I’m giving you like a year collapsed into one sentence by figuring out what all everyone was teaching I’m like yeah but that doesn’t work for me and what I realized is a lot of people were teaching things that felt inauthentic to me.

Marketing that felt like you were doing something icky to somebody and sales felt like you were taking from somebody, and I know I have, I have a huge heart, I wear my heart, on my sleeve I’m really I’m all about love and connection and people really just love in business, I know how that could sound whatever it sounds like to some people, but I started approaching marketing, as if you are writing a love letter to the person.

Fabienne Fredrickson: That you are writing a love letter to your ideal client and when you love them, and you’re marketing and believe in them and pour into them and give them.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Results in advance being like whoa she’s giving me all this free stuff that’s already working.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And I’m not even paying her, yet I bet you her mastermind I bet your coaching is going to be really worthwhile. I created a client attraction system for myself around that really authentic integrity loving way of filling your practice and the same thing with sales I have found a way and created it now teach a way to sell where you don’t ever sell you create such a sacred space for the person in front of you.

Fabienne Fredrickson: To basically to sell themselves into your program so it no longer feels icky.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Anyway, I created the client attraction system for myself other people started asking I stopped doing nutrition, I became a business coach a year and a half later.

Fabienne Fredrickson: A couple of years later I made 100,000 a year, and my husband, who is the livery the most wonderful person that I know says to me.

Fabienne Fredrickson: No more clients Okay, we never know for sure.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Things weekends, we can’t go to like the Club Med without me being at the pool saying one more email and mom you will be right there, and that is like people expected, and so I said, but I know a made for more.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I knew it Cindra, I knew I was made for more. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And I went on a discovery of what does it take to get from 100,000 to multiple hundred thousand a year, but with a particularly high quality of life, where you don’t have to.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Be chained to your desk to work evenings weekends 14-hour days stress no sleep no vacations and all of that, and I figured it out.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And in 14 years ago in 2008 and we all know what happened in 2008 the financial crisis, I got my business I tripled my business from 300 something to 1,015,000.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And I’ve never taken more time off and then, so I’ve been at multiple six multiple seven figures for 14 years now, and I take at least 16 weeks of vacation a year, and when people kept asking me how you do it, I said it’s as simple as that step.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You have to understand that what got you here.

Fabienne Fredrickson: At six figures isn’t ever going to get you to seven figures you actually have to do less, you have to work less do less well, you have to leverage everything about your business deliver to team systems your time and not like time management like boring stuff this is this is honestly totally revolutionary way of using your time.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Shifting your business model, etc., and I teach this over the course of two years it’s not the inner thighs and 30 days, people can do it for one year, but they get half the recipe right.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And I predict predictability gets people to a million with you know they never long they never work on weekends, they never work in the evenings anymore, they take spa days without feeling guilty it’s really great.

Cindra Kamphoff: Well, thank you so much Fabienne for telling us a bit more about how you got into this work, and I think that’s how I first heard about us through your client attraction system and so these eight steps that we’re talking about are from your new book.

Cindra Kamphoff: I have one question to start us off before we dive deeper into that, and you said something about love and warmth and it’s one of the things that I honestly that attracted me when I think I saw a video of yours, and you know I just love your energy so tell us what about before we dive into these eight steps about energy and the importance of energy and maybe a little bit about masculine and feminine energy as it relates to business growth.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah, you happy to this is actually a topic that very few people talk about I’ve been studying it for a long time again because I’ve worked with so many women and they have different needs I’ve been in all the bro masterminds I love men okay.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’m raising men, I am married to a great guy and most of my many of my friends are guys, but I don’t want to be marketing like a guy I don’t want to sell like a guide, I want to network, like the guy whatever that means, but my perception of it and who’s been in it, I don’t I want to I understand what I need now and here’s what I figured out is that the masculine everything masculine has been rewarded in our society, and that includes business for thousands of years, whereby, don’t shoot the messenger but whereby most things feminine are tolerated, if not ridiculed.

Fabienne Fredrickson: So, you know this whole way that you have to show up in your marketing the way that you have to show in sales and even in a mastermind number, I remember being in the masterminds where I’m like really, we’re having a habanero eating contest and what about just working on our business plans right.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You know, like, I have, I have babies at home, like please let’s work on our business is not our bravado like I said I love the guys, but this wasn’t working for me, and I realized that the masculine energies and energy doing pushing accumulating it’s a solo energy, it is an energy of kind of a friendly competition, friendly and not so friendly whereby the feminine energy is an energy being of attracting of intending feeling right? masculine energy thinking feminine energy feeling it’s cyclical and circular not linear and what I realized is that when we women want to or when we who associate with this feminine energy want to grow businesses, we we’ve had to flip over and be more masculine and do, but then we get drained.

Cindra Kamphoff: sure.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And so many women have quietly taken me to the side at conferences when I’ve spoken, I walk off the stage, and I can I talk to you I’ve been following you for years, I met you know 100 or 250 in my business but I’m going to close it down soon.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Why?

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’m drained, I work more, I feel like I’m working on the wrong things, I feel like I’m just supposed to be on all the time, and I say to them you’re totally ignoring your feminine energy and what it requires and you’re also missing out on 50% of your true power, and I believe you can be powerful and feminine and they’re not mutually exclusive, in fact, powerfully feminine is a great approach and if anybody listening here wants to know more, I flew in a documentary filmmaking team in March, a couple years ago when we were doing live meetings for both heart and I come and fill me for full week.

Fabienne Fredrickson: In my leveraged business program and just tell me what my secret sauce is because you know just like when you’re in it, you can’t see it yourself.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And they sent me back this nine minute documentary and I was like I mean I can’t show this to people and they said you this is, this is what separates you from everybody else, and the documentary is on the bold heart page.

it’s on the programs page, so you can find it on there, but if anybody is interested in the power of feminine energy for growing your business and scaling it it’s on that programs page, but what it comes down to is that love is a killer APP.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Everybody wants to feel loved if you stop you go to Times Square you go to you know anywhere in the world, and you stop 100 people and you say, could you know, could you use some more love and there’s, not a single person who would say no.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yes, could you use to feel more could, could you like to feel more significant heard seen really understood everybody wants that, at the same time.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Not everybody is loved at home.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And some people go where they are loved and people stay where they are loved and seen and heard and felt significant so it’s actually one of the things that I talked about in Chapter seven of the book, which is leverage your differentiation.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And when you can take the core of who you are and infuse that infuse the essence that is you all over your business and you create systems around it.

Fabienne Fredrickson: People will, and when you give them results, they can’t get anywhere else, and the feeling of home that they can’t find anywhere else.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Then you have no competition.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Competition falls away this is where people literally say I’m never leaving I get the results I can’t get elsewhere.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I have a family who loves me I know it sounds crazy, but a family of people that were first strangers, and now they know me better than my family and friends.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And that feminine energy of collaboration and nurturing and the oxytocin hormone that we feel I don’t know if you have children, I have three.

Cindra Kamphoff: I have two, I have two teenage boys like how I am this old you know?

Fabienne Fredrickson: And you know you know that the oxytocin is the bonding hormone that we feel when we have the baby when we nurse, but also when we have a hug.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And it’s missing in the only masculine ways of masterminding and so when you have a poor person, I’ll just use the example of a woman, but this is also true for men.

Fabienne Fredrickson: it’s just not necessarily nurtured in male masterminds when you are in a culture of Community where the norm is extreme generosity and love and care and I got your back and celebrate I’m celebrating with you and I’m also giving you a soft place to land if that launch didn’t go well, or that big client left or that TEAM members stole you know, whatever.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You have a soft place to land, but what especially happens that’s magical, and this is where the feminine energy is so powerful when you’re immersed in it, is what I call the popcorn effect.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Okay, and the popcorn effect is especially a lot of women have been, shall we say socialized and not always believe in themselves.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yes, and so, when we are left to our own devices, we’re working at our desks by ourselves whether that’s a desk in an office or a desk in the dining room in the spare bedroom.

Fabienne Fredrickson: We talk ourselves out of many of the brilliant ideas that we have, but when we are in a container with other people who believe in us, maybe even more than we believe in ourselves.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And we will all of a sudden, I call it the popcorn effect because you’re in this pot, and things are heating up heating up and all sudden pop you see this woman, that is just like you get to a million for the first time you’re like wow.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Really, I could be standing next to her on the grocery store line and never ever think she’s at a million she’s not necessarily glam, she’s not doing the Kardashian stuff right she’s just like.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Somebody that would be on the playground sitting on a bench next to she gets to a million pop a couple weeks later, a couple months later, somebody else gets to a million-pop pop pop nobody POPs at the same time, but it starts to be the evidence.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And you find in a community right that allows you to believe that this is possible for myself too.

Cindra Kamphoff: Yeah, absolutely, and when you see other people do it, you believe that it’s possible for you that’d be, and I completely agree what you were saying about people want to feel loved and they stay where they feel loved, and I was thinking a lot about how that relates to communities.

Cindra Kamphoff: Teams workplaces there’s so many ways that that relates to so let’s dive into the leverage business a little bit more, and your eight steps.

Cindra Kamphoff: And you’ve mentioned a few of those teams, systems time business model marketing accountability differentiation and lifestyle so where should we get started with some of these, and this why don’t you take it from there.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Well, if we understand so I’ll share a concept that applies to all of them it’s that and I mentioned it already it’s what got you here won’t get you there, so if you want to get to a million the team, you have now won’t get you there.

Fabienne Fredrickson: The systems, you have now won’t get you there the how you’re using your time won’t get to that.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Your business model makes it to their every single one of the activators, so this is where we revisit let’s look at the team, you have, what is it it’s been let’s begin to hire for where you’re going, not for where you are now.

Fabienne Fredrickson: How do we create a more up leveled world class team without it draining your bank account, how do we have you feel like you can afford that team, even though the fear immediately is I can’t afford that team. That’s actually not true, there are certain strategies that I talked about in the first chapter of the book and how you can absolutely hire the team you want now, and afford them now, what activities do you put in place so that they pay for themselves within three months.

Fabienne Fredrickson: This when you have the right team.

Fabienne Fredrickson: They begin to take things off your plate that you shouldn’t be doing.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And you know you shouldn’t be doing things you’re not good at.

Cindra Kamphoff: Yeah.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You don’t want to do.

Cindra Kamphoff: They’re not in your zone of genius.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Exactly, so the right team and that’s meaning not anybody with a pulse, strategically hired we have a bolt our hiring process.

Fabienne Fredrickson: That takes that uses assessments to hire the right person for the right team, so when you have, and you are, you understand that hiring properly is an act of self-love.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Because when you hire your quickly when you hire like well, they’re not perfect, but I need somebody right now.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Or, when you say, well, I know, they should be wired this way but close enough or well, I know I should be spending a bit more, but I want to spend that much money.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You’re actually thinking you’re fixing the problem of team, but you’re actually perpetuating it because you will never fully let go.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You will never fully trust, and you will do what you know I call helicopter managing right always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Fabienne Fredrickson: When you hire when you leverage the right team you begin to trust you begin to stop being the bottleneck you begin to be able to delegate aggressively, which means that you start getting back a lot of your time.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And that time can be used for money, generating activities and exponential growth activities so even just by the team just all that delegation means that you can grow your business and pay for the team immediately and then, when you leverage systems.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And you borrow the mindset of this is no longer about me like it’s no longer the Fabian show it’s no longer the Cinderella show it becomes a process driven company, the process is what matters, not the personality.

Cindra Kamphoff: You can still be in your business, you can still be the face of your business, but everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Now you can trust the team, to run the processes.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And then you can pull yourself out even more of the day-to-day operations of your business that means even more time to be in your unique brilliance or zone of genius, and that is where you make 80% of your money.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I’m going to I’m bouncing back and forth between different activator is we talked about sharing about system now let’s talk to leveraging your time when you think about the pareto principle which is the rule.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You look at the fact that 80% of the stuff you’re working on is only producing 20% of the results you’re like oh, this is where all my time is going, this is where I’m overwhelmed This is where I’m working on too many things, this is why I’m working evenings and weekends.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And this is why I’m overwhelmed and if you flip that on its head and you look at well so let’s look at the 20% of activities that are producing 80% of the results and what if you gave yourself permission loving permission to stop working on the at the produce 20 and just work on the 20 that produce at and then even found that that is how you scale your business quickly you leverage your time.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You leverage your systems by leveraging your team and just those three alone will have you add a minimum of 100,000 a year and then we look at leveraging your business model, instead of working one to one instead of everything delivery based depending on you.

Fabienne Fredrickson: You start thinking about how I can use my process my framework my intellectual property.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And how can I use everything that I know to serve one too many, many, and you’re not going to make this change in your business model overnight.

Fabienne Fredrickson: But you’re creating what we talked about in the leverage your differentiation activity is to look at who you’re serving what their greatest needs are, what their greatest aspirations are, and first, what do I need to deliver? What do I need to teach them or what process must I take them through that will guarantee results if they do everything I say?

Fabienne Fredrickson: They show up in that bold heart, we say all the people who get to a million people show up for everything, and they follow the recipe that’s it just follows the recipe you just need to show up getting my kitchen follow the recipe you’ll get to a million.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Same thing in your business, what would guarantee what process would guarantee the results, and then you do that what’s the delivery model that will make sure that they actually do it.

Fabienne Fredrickson: So, you add that it’s this it’s this what we call a reliable results process and then with your business model to scale it to leverage it, you also look at what do they need to feel. what do they need to feel? do they need to feel capable? Great? what systems will make them feel capable to they need to feel like they believe in themselves, what can we do to make that happen, do they want to feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves do they want to feel encouraged, loved, all of that and Sandra it’s just it’s really just a process it’s about reverse engineering everything and then you have a program that is guaranteed to work.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And that makes them feel like they never want to leave in the best way possible, they have a choice of course right.

Fabienne Fredrickson: They are going to go look on the other side of the fence, to see if it’s greener and then you’ll make it so that it always greener on your side of the fence, so people come up.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And when you have that you don’t have competitors people stay people refer you start getting a reputation for this is the place to be.

Cindra Kamphoff: I really appreciate a few things that you said Fabian I was thinking about hiring for self-love, I never thought about that that when you hire the right person it’s actually an act of self-love.

Cindra Kamphoff: And I appreciated that and just I’m thinking about my business obviously as I’m listening I’m curious if you could share an example of maybe your business or someone else’s business that when they really worked on the 20% you know or the you know their sweet spot what was the outcome, and what did they have to let go of to be able to do that yeah, I’ll give you an example, and you can find a Judy her name is Judy heft she’s if you go to the bold website.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Go to success stories and just I would say, I’m not with us, I want you to go and read the success stories, on my side but it’s like a really it’s an it’s an eye opening thing to read that a bookkeeper who’s 70 and got to a million because she just stopped doing all the things that that weren’t producing results Judy is a natural networker I mean natural she’s the Mayor of Stamford Connecticut not really but like she knows everybody she’s a connector and stuff like that.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And when I said to her okay Judy, we’re going to stop doing 80% of the stuff that you’re doing we’re going to focus on because I get to know all the members really well.

Fabienne Fredrickson: We’re going to focus only on your unique brilliance and it’s clear that to you it’s all about networking and who you know and in the span of about a year, a year, and a half she’s also featured in the documentary on the programs page, so you can see her talk about it in real life.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Okay, and she stopped doing everything and only started networking she leveraged a team.

Fabienne Fredrickson: With a second in command the right systems, she stopped doing the actual bookkeeping she started getting billionaires as clients.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Your networking, I told her to implement some things like mastermind dinners and a lot of the things and then she just stopped doing everything else.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And the business just kept coming in, but because she had a team, the team delivers the bookkeeping her second in command Karen runs the business.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Everything is happening, based on the system’s Judy at think it was at the age of 70 or 71 got to a million and she’s now traveling all over the place, with her new I don’t know if you can call him a boyfriend at that and she’s with her grandchildren in Manhattan to that.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And this is about stop doing everything but it’s not the same for everybody there’s some people who should be speaking and there’s somebody who should be writing.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And you know all different things for different people, but we have processes that show you exactly what you shouldn’t be doing and what you should stop doing.

Cindra Kamphoff: Well, Fabienne one thing that I think is really interesting is, I think a lot of people have limiting beliefs about if they hire somebody.

Cindra Kamphoff: You know they have invested up front, I appreciate what you said about well if you hire somebody, they will that pay off in three months so that there’s kind of a short-term gain there.

Cindra Kamphoff: I’m curious if there is a reason you put team, first in your in your eight steps and maybe tell us a bit about was that intentional and then the order of these eight steps.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah, they’re all absolutely intentional and we teach them in this order and the leveraged business program we start always with team.

Fabienne Fredrickson: In in the big picture because I’ve never met a self-made millionaire.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I just I think even with all the right systems and all the right, you know automation that we have we are usually people I know this because we have our members of the program take two assessments, so that we know how they’re wired and based on that.

Fabienne Fredrickson: I know that 95% of US entrepreneurs are wired to have lots of ideas.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah, we love to start new things, we’re wired to start new things quickly.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And also, most of us are not wired to finish them.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And when that is a realization for somebody because if you think about it, the word entrepreneur comes from the French word.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Entrepreneur means in French to initiate.

Fabienne Fredrickson: So, we are really good initiators we’re not good completers.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Okay, and so, so I don’t know about you, but I never did really well in school because I was always somebody who just didn’t fit into the pegs or the round whatever you know the system that they had because I think bigger and I take more risks and I don’t necessarily finish what I start that’s, not to say I mean I’ve you know I obviously do very well I just create systems.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And people around me and I bring structure for my entrepreneurial nature.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And because of that I finish what I start, and so you asked about team, why is it one of the very first things that we help people get right is because for many different reasons. One, to have people finish what you start.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah okay, whether it’s they finish it or they give you the accountability and you know the support.

Fabienne Fredrickson: To finish it, the second is that a lot of things are not within your wheelhouse as an entrepreneur, you know figuring out complex technology and automation and sequences and funnels and all that jazz is not where most of us shine.

Fabienne Fredrickson: So, can you imagine, one of the things with teaching that in the in the two days when I teach the leverage your team is that we’re going to figure out what your unique brilliance is.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And also, where you’re not unique brilliant uniquely brilliant but not from a place of let’s beat you up and let’s not try to strengthen your weaknesses let’s just delegate your weaknesses you strengthen your strength and then you surround yourself with people who are uniquely brilliant like it’s their life’s purpose in the areas that you’re, shall we say, week in.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And this is what creates a uniquely brilliant team and I’m telling you the compound effect of that is total leverage.

Fabienne Fredrickson: As opposed to you trying to do everything yourself if you don’t have a uniquely brilliant team, you’re going to do that helicopter managing is going to be a waste of your time.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Doing that is not money generating you focus it because you have the right support you, focusing on exponential growth activities. You can double your business in one year.

Cindra Kamphoff: Excellent well Fabienne where can we find your book the leverage business and then your programs tell us a bit about how we can just learn more about that.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Yeah absolutely, so you can go to both heart calm and on the front page at the top, you can get the book.

Fabienne Fredrickson: And I believe the only thing that you would have to put you can go pay full you know full price on Amazon, but if you go to my website you can get it, for I think it’s like $2 and 95 cents for shipping the book is free itself and it comes to your door. And the reason I give it to you for free, I asked that you pay for shipping, so that we can meet each other halfway.

Fabienne Fredrickson: My intention is for the right person she reads this book, and she doesn’t even finish it she’s like oh my God, I need to be working with this woman I’m being very transparent and not everybody will read it, and feel that, for the right person, she will, so you can go to bolt for that the programs are there, you can go look at the programs page, but the easiest way to find out all the details, including the investment is by going to think it’s the talk to coach page and just reach out to somebody and say hey I saw again she spoke I’m intrigued.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Can you tell me more about the program and it’s not a hard sell it’s more like hey we’re also just checking that person out as well to see because we are this close-knit community and that person has to fit in, or else we’re not interested, I know that sounds funny to say but that’s why yeah I’ve talked to coach conversation as a great way to start.

Cindra Kamphoff: Excellent well FAB yeah, and this has been fabulous to have you on I love your energy, so I just want to compliment you on that, and I think that’s one reason I’ve always been following you is because of that.

Cindra Kamphoff: Thanks so much for giving us such great value today and helping us really think about our own mindset, we talked about our beliefs about money you shared with us eight steps to scale our business to help us kind of think about.

Cindra Kamphoff: What are the different steps for us, I thought this thing for me that were most impactful we’re thinking about the team that I want to continue to hire, and the hiring is self-care.

Cindra Kamphoff: I love that you said that and just continuing to help people feel loved and cared for, because people stay where they feel loved and cared for so FAB the end Thank you so much for joining us and if for people who are interested head over to bold heart calm and thank you again.

Fabienne Fredrickson: Thank you Cindra, thanks everybody.