Shifting Your Perspective with Zach Brandon, Mental Skills Coordinator for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Zach’s passion is studying human excellence and guiding others in pursuit of their own personal excellence. He serves as the Mental Skills Coordinator for the Arizona Diamondbacks where he oversees mental performance services for players and staff across all levels of the organization. He is also the Founder/Director of MVP Mindset Consulting, a performance psychology business that consults with performers and leaders across disciplines. Prior to his current role in professional baseball, Zach served as a Mental Conditioning Coach at IMG Academy (FL).

Zach is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. He received his Master’s degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton and his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Linfield College (OR). He was a starting pitcher for four years on the Linfield College baseball team including their national championship squad in 2013.

In this podcast, Zach and Cindra talk:

· Why your perspective matters

· What failure means to him

· Strategies we can use to be more mindful

· How stress can be a good thing

 “Nobody gets to where they’re at alone.” -@MVP_Mindset 
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“Failure represents this violation of expectation.” -@MVP_Mindset 
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“We don’t always see the impact or the final result of the work that we do.” – @MVP_Mindset 
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“Anything that you care about, you’re likely to experience a little bit of stress towards.” -@MVP_Mindset  
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“Most of our successes in life are born out of discomfort, uncertainty and stressful moments.” – @MVP_Mindset  
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“Perspective is the only thing that can change the result without changing the facts.”-@MVP_Mindset
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