Coaching the 3 Dimensions – Skill, Psychology and Heart, with Wes Simmons, 3D Institute

Wes Simmons is the CEP of 3Dimensional Coaching and a national presenter who has delivered workshops to thousands of coaches at every level of sport. From youth sports clubs to college athletic departments, from local school districts to National conventions, from Florida to California, Wes has captured audiences with the 3Dimensional Coaching content while sharing his personal experience of both playing for, and coaching with, a 3D coach.
Wes played college football at Northwest Missouri State University where he started on back-to-back NCAA DII National Championship teams. Upon graduation, he began his coaching career at Northwest while completing his Master’s degree in Athletic Administration. Since that time, his career has shifted from on-field coaching to coaching both athletes and coaches in all areas of life. Along with presenting 3Dimensional Coaching workshops/clinics, Wes serves as an adjunct lecturer at NWMSU where he teaches the 3D Coaching course to graduate students. resides in St. Joseph, MO, where he lives with his wife Amy and their 4 children.

In this podcast, Wes and Cindra talk about:
• The 3 Dimensions of Coaching
• Why Love is Important in Coaching and Leadership
• His Definition of Love
• Ways to Coach Love and the Heart
• Why Sharing Your purpose and Story is at the Heart of Relationship Building
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“Sport is what you do not who you are.” – @WesleyCSimmons
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“We like to describe love as sacrificial giving for the benefit of others. That’s the kind of love that motivates, that’s the kind of love that will transform a team, an organization, and a community.” – @WesleyCSimmons
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“To share your purpose is a great tool, and then I think another one is to share your story. If you want to connect with the heart of people you got to become real to them.” – @WesleyCSimmons
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“Love is the most powerful motivational force in the entire universe.” – @WesleyCSimmons
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