Authentic Communication for Quiet Leaders with Tom Yorton, Founder & CEO Shyne Advisors, LLC.

Tom is a speaker, author and entrepreneur who helps leaders turn their communication “shortcomings” into competitive advantage.

Tom’s entire career has been about identifying, reaching and winning over audiences.  In his first career, he did that first as an advertising executive with Ogilvy, Grey and Hal Riney, and as a marketing VP for Sears and 3Com.  In Tom’s second career as CEO of Second City Works, the B2B arm of the famous Second City comedy theatre, he got whole new perspective on winning audiences.  There, he turned the company’s corporate entertainment side hustle into a groundbreaking communications and executive education consultancy.  Over Tom’s 14-year tenure, he and his team used comedy and improvisation to help tens of thousands of leaders improve creativity, communication and collaboration.  He also co-wrote the top selling leadership book: Yes, And How Improvisation Reverses “No But” Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration (Harper Business).

Tom just began his third career with the launch of Shyne Advisors, an innovative executive communication company that helps quiet, introverted leaders become confident, original communicators.

Tom is a past IncubatorEdu mentor and the proud father of two sons, one of whom is an IncubatorEdu alum.

In this interview, Tom and Cindra talk about:

  • The “Yes, And” Strategy
  • What gets in the way of communication
  • Why comparison is a roadblock in communication
  • How we can build our strengths into our communication
  • The big questions you should ask yourself when you don’t want to speak up
  • And how you speaking up impacts the culture of your organization

You can find Tom on twitter at @TomYorton and Cindra on Twitter at @Mentally_Strong.


“My passion is really helping people connect with audiences.” @TomYorton
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“Shyne Advisors is a coaching and consulting business that really helps people connect in a way that feels right for them.” @TomYorton
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“A leader is trying to drive a certain set of behaviors. Before you can get them to change behaviors, you have to get them to change their attitude. Before they change their attitude, you have to get them to pay attention.”@TomYorton
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“What matters is really that you connect. How you connect is secondary.” @TomYorton
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“The goal isn’t to replicate the model before you.” Play to your own strengths! @TomYorton
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