Creating Confidence with Tina Van Steenbergen, Keynote Speaker and Conference Host

Today on the podcast we hear from Tina Van Steenbergen who is a keynote speaker with a passion and purpose for working with women. She helps women tear down the walls built between us. Her speaking style gives women permission to open up, have honest conversations, and connect. With a combination of authenticity, storytelling and humor, she has helped hundreds of thousands of women build relationships with one another, believe in themselves and take up space at companies, campuses and organizations.

In this episode, Tina and Cindra discuss:

  • Her life-changing question to build your confidence
  • Why this conversation also pertains to men
  • How confidence is a team sport
  • What makes you badass
  • Ways to not sacrifice your authenticity
  • Her Persist Conference online on November 6 and 7th

“Find people who make you feel less alone” @TinaRaeVan
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“When we can bring our whole selves, we actually show up and do more productivity and are more efficient” @TinaRaeVan
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“Apologies are good, but you don’t need to apologize for existing” @TinaRaeVan
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