Mistakes Worth Making with Sue Halden-Brown, Mental Skills Coach, Business Mentor and Executive Coach

Sue Halden-Brown is a former Olympic equestrian coach, multi-disciplinary mental skills coach, business mentor and executive coach from Australia. She is a businesswoman and internationally-published author whose published books include “Mistakes Worth Making: How to Turn Sports Errors Into Athletic Excellence” published by Human Kinetics.

She launched Equestrian Coach Education International (ECEi) earlier this year, which is the world’s first online hub for equestrian-specific coach education and professional development resources. She is also a classically-trained equestrian rider who has coached in England, Ireland, and all over Australia.

In this interview, Sue and Cindra talk about:

  • What is mistakes-management and how it applies to all areas of life
  • The principles of mistakes-management
  • Why we need mistakes-management skills
  • The best mistakes-management strategies
  • The ideal way to correct a mistake
  • Coaching tips to help others deal with a mistake

You can find Cindra on Twitter at @Mentally_Strong.


 “A mistake is simply a variation in performance.” How would you define mistake? Sue Halden-Brown
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“Success is very personal and you define it for yourself.” Sue Halden-Brown
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“Everyone makes mistakes overtime, that’s the way we learn and that’s the way we are.” Sue Halden-Brown
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How do you correct a mistake? “You don’t – it’s history. You minimize the consequences, modify your next effort, or mitigate against it happening again.” Sue Halden-Brown
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“We make big mistakes when we’re beginners, technical mistakes when we’re immediate learners and we make timing mistakes when we’re advanced learners.” Sue Halden-Brown
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