Every Moment is a Choice with Sport Psychologist, Dr. Stephen Walker

Dr. Stephen Walker is a sport psychologist and consultant in the Denver and Boulder, Colorado area. For the last 34 years, he has been helping Olympians, professional athletes and peak performers compete at the highest level. He is the editor of Podium Sports Journal, a mental training journal that has been recognized as one of the Top Sport Psychology Websites.

In this interview, Steve talks about how the best adopt a growth mindset – they understand the only way to grow is to make mistakes. He shares a technique called the Confidence Journal which he uses with his Olympic athletes. Steve shares strategies to stay in the now to increase performance in any field including sports, business, customer service, and public speaking. Towards the end of the interview, Steve talks about his own journey battling cancer. He shares his model for overcoming the odds and how this helped him maintain a positive mindset during chemotherapy and a 12-hour surgery. Every moment is a choice, Steve tells us. It is our choice what we do with that moment!

Connect with Steve at drstephenwalker.com or on Twitter @sportpsychcoach.

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