See the World with “New Eyes” with Russ Rausch, Founder of Vision Pursue

Russ Rausch is the Founder of Vision Pursue or VP. VP helps individuals and organizations create a Performance Mindset through their training and mobile app. Before founding Vision Pursue, Russ was the COO at the hedge fund Emil van Essen. Before that he was part of the executive team that took the trading software firm, Trading Technologies, Inc. (TT), from a 20-person startup to a 650-person global company as CFO, CIO, and EVP of Global Buyside Sales. Russ lives in Chicago.


In this interview, Russ and Cindra talk about:

  • His motivation and pursue behind Vision Pursue
  • The SEE Model (Separate, Embrace and Evaluate)
  • What it means to “Expect the Expected”
  • How “New Eyes” can help us see the world and our relationships with curiosity
  • When and why we need to break the pattern
  • How sport psychologists and other consultants can use Vision Pursue in their work


You can contact Russ Rausch at or on twitter at @visionpursue and find more information about Vision Pursue at and Cindra on Twitter at  @Mentally_Strong.


You can find a full description of the Podcast and contact information for Russ at



“Change your relationship to your emotions. Emotions are trying to help you, not hurt you.” @visionpursue
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“SEE. You must Separate, Embrace, and Evaluate your emotions.” @visionpursue
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“Expect the expected. Don’t get upset with things you can’t control.” @visionpursue
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“We need to look at situations with “new eyes” or a new curiosity to help us better understand what we’re really working with.” @visionpursue
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“Failure is part of the process. It doesn’t feel good but you can learn from it and get past it quickly.” @visionpursue
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