“Do You Care to Lead?” with Michael G. Rogers, Author & Keynote Speaker

Michael is the founder of Teamwork and Leadership, a speaking and training company with a mission of building extraordinary teams and helping leaders love their jobs more. He is a former Director of Learning, Performance and Quality at a Fortune 50 company.

He is the author of the best-selling book – You Are the Team—6 Simple Ways Teammates Can Go from Good to Great and his new book “Do You Care to Lead” just hit bookshelves in February.

His blog Teamwork and Leadership regularly ranks in the top 10 of leadership blogs and has a monthly following of over 30,000. He is an Inc. Top 100 Leadership Speaker. Michael received both his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degrees from Utah State University.

Michael resides in Southern Utah with his wife, Terri. They have been married 30 years and have six sons.

In this podcast, Cindra and Michael discuss:

· His #1 Leadership Strategy

· The 5 leadership stars

· How SONIC can help you

· His work with the Southern Utah Football team

· How the best leaders and coaches develop a strong culture


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“In order for culture to be successful you have to keep it top of mind.” -@rogersgmichael
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“Failure without learning is simply failing. But if you learn it becomes an experience you can grow and get better from.” -@rogersgmichael
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“You have to get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable when it comes to vulnerability.” -@rogersgmichael
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“Opening up and vulnerability is about creating psychological safety on your team.” -@rogersgmichael
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