3 Counterintuitive Strategies to Master Your Runaway Brain with Speaker & Bestselling Author, Roger Seip

Intelligent, Insightful….and hilarious! These are the words that Roger’s clients use when they experience his programs. He has a knack for taking principles of effectiveness that most of us struggle with, and crystallizing them into clear strategies and action plans that get Record-Breaking Results.

In his first sales career, Roger became one of the top 20 producers of over 200,000 in the 160 year history of the company. That’s the top 1% of the top 1%. Roger Co-Founded Freedom Personal Development, one of the world’s premier Personal Development rms. Roger is the author of two bestsellers including: Train Your Brain For Success and Master Your Mind.

He’s delivered more than 2000 presentations for organizations like Northwestern Mutual, Harley Davidson, and The National Association of Realtors. Roger also spent 8 years as a professional stand-up comic.

In this podcast, Roger and Cindra talk about:

· 3 steps for a breakthrough

· How to be clear on what you want

· Why to upgrade your self-talk

· Why it’s important to plan your morning affirmation

· 3 counterintuitive strategies to master your mind


3:57 – How Roger got to what he is doing now.

7:20 – Why Roger wrote Train Your Brain For Success.

13:02 – Advice on how to make it happen.

18:07 – A time Rodger failed and what he learned from it.

25:37 – Mental processes to overcome failure quickly and stay excited.

27:35 – How to write morning affirmations.

31:50 – Master Your Mind and Train Your Brain.

35:24 – How to know you have a runaway brain.

37:12 – The opposite of a runaway brain.

51:27 – How to harness your subconscious.

“When you upgrade your clarity about what you want and why you want it without worrying how you’ll get there, it’s really impressive how things you thought were impossible just sort of happen.” – Roger Seip
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“When the pressure is on, just remember to breathe.” – Roger Seip
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“Get out in front of it. Don’t wait until you get kicked in the teeth to start talking yourself up.” – Roger Seip
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“The first thought that you have for the day is going to carry with you all day long.” – Roger Seip
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“Get a picture, focus on it regularly and let the how take care of itself.” – Roger Seip
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You can find a full description of the Podcast at cindrakamphoff.com/roger. You can find Roger at https://freedompersonaldevelopment.com/.