Hall of Fame Coach Shares Principles of Positive Coaching and Leadership

Dr. Rick McGuire is the Director of the Missouri Institute of Positive Coaching. He recently retired as the Director of Sport Psychology for the Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Missouri, and Graduate Professor of Sport Psychology. For 27 years (from 1983-2010) he was Missouri’s Head Track and Field Coach. Under Coach McGuire’s tutelage, Missouri athletes earned 143 All-American recognitions, 110 Conference champions, 29 USA National Members, 3 collegiate records, and 5 Olympians. He is the founder and chairman for 27 years of the USA Track and Field Sport Psychology program, and served as a staff for 11 USATF National Teams, including the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games in Barcelona and Atlanta.

In this podcast, Rick and Cindra talk about:

  • His principles of positive coaching
  • Why demeaning never helps athletes
  • Ways to increase athletes’ self-worth and self-esteem
  • The most impactful way to motivate athletes
  • The importance of communication with your athletes and teams

You can find Dr. McGuire at http://drrickmcguire.com/.

“I have no rules but I will give you about 1000 choices a day, and only YOU can dig down deep and find that little more that it takes to dive at the line and be a CHAMPION.” – Dr. Rick McGuire
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“A coach can be demanding without being demeaning. Communicate with the people you lead in a way that you would like to be communicated with by those who lead you.” – Dr. Rick McGuire
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“The foundations of positive coaching are about striving for excellence, but winning isn’t the only way to achieve excellence. It’s about teaching and modeling the process of achieving excellence.” – D. Rick McGuire
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“Coaching isn’t about sport… Coaching is about a relationship that one has with another or others, a team.” – Dr. Rick McGuire
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“Instruct constructively.” – Dr. Rick McGuire
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“As coaches we don’t want to be breakers, we want to be makers.” – Dr. Rick McGuire
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