Play Nice in the Sandbox with Penny Tremblay, Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Author

Penny is a genuine entrepreneur.  Founding the Tremblay Leadership Center, with relationship strategies training and keynotes internationally for 20+ years, thousands have benefitted with skills and confidence to be productive, play nice in the sandbox, and climb the ladder of success.

Her Advanced Mediation certificate from Harvard combined with years of conflict resolution facilitation in workplaces bring stories, experiences and guidance for productive, peaceful and profitable business.

In this interview, Penny and Cindra talk about:

  • What it means to “Play Nice in the Sandbox”
  • Why we need to resolve conflict at work
  • Her tips for resolving conflict at work
  • How we are all carrying around a suitcase
  • Why it’s important to look in your suitcase

You can find Penny at Bring the seminar to you! You can find Cindra on Twitter at @Mentally_Strong.


“The most successful teams embrace conflict.” Penny Tremblay
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“The average person spends 2.8 hours in conflict each week at work.” Penny Tremblay
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“My tips for embracing conflict: First, Look at yourself first. Second, show up and listen.” Penny Tremblay
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“Our attachment to our past creates our future.” Penny Tremblay
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