7 Steps to Be On Point with Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker, Pam Borton

Pam Borton is a renowned expert on developing high performing leaders and teams. As the President and CEO of Borton Partners, Pam provides elite senior executive coaching to clients and delivers inspirational and dynamic keynote presentations on leadership and peak performance topics for organizations nationally and internationally.

As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified senior executive coach, Pam is committed to taking C-suite and senior level executives, and their high performing teams, to the “next level.” Her leadership coaching spans organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, and across industries including finance, retail, IT, hospitality, higher education, healthcare and more. Her business coaching clients include Best Buy, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Hyatt Corporation and Merrill Lynch, to name a few.

Pam brings her executive coaching clients the unique experience of navigating the pressure and expectations of a highly visible position in an ultra competitive environment, having served as the winningest professional coach in the history of the University of Minnesota women’s basketball program.

In this podcast, Pam and Cindra talk about: · What the best leaders do

· Why we need feedback to be our best self

· The role of confidence and resilience in leadership

· How to have grace under fire

· The 7 steps to be On Point


4:07 – What Pam’s passion is and what she does.

9:19 – How Pam builds a strong culture.

11:05 – Pam’s culture while coaching at Minnesota.

12:24 – How to use real time feedback and accountability.

17:04 – The mindset of the worlds best.

19:14 – How the best build relationships.

21:58 – A time when Pam failed and what she learned.

24:00 – Grace under fire.

25:41 – When to give feedback and how.

27:53 – What on point is and steps to get there.

“Sometimes you just have to jump in and get uncomfortable and just take that chance.” – @Borton_Pam
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“Have a vision of where you want to go so that the people around you have that direction.” – @Borton_Pam
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“If you’re not making changes and you’re not correcting people, the whole company is going to fall behind.” – @Borton_Pam
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“You need to create a culture where people can fail and make mistakes and know that that is okay.” – @Borton_Pam
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You can find a full description of the Podcast at cindrakamphoff.com/kit.

 You can find Pam on Twitter @Borton_Pam and at https://pambortonpartners.com.