The Importance of Understanding the Human Experience with Oscar Gutierrez, CMPC, Mental Performance Coach at the Cleveland Indians

The Colombia native is a Mental Performance Coach at the Cleveland Indians where he assists players, coaches and other staff members. His focus is on the development and integration of programs and services that enhance performance and mental and emotional growth. Additionally, Oscar’s responsibilities include the design and implementation of systems that facilitate the acculturation process of Spanish speaking players.

Gutierrez’s practice in sport and performance psychology has included athletes and teams in soccer, tennis, swimming, diving, basketball, bowling, slalom, bowling, baseball, and other sports. He is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). Oscar is a 2008 graduate of Florida Atlantic University, received a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from Florida State University in 2012, and completed his doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Florida State University.


In this podcast, Oscar and Cindra talk about:

  • His experience coming to the US
  • What athletes needs as they transition from another country
  • What he does when someone doesn’t buy in to mindset training
  • 3 questions he uses to guide his work
  • The lesson he learned the hard way

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“3 questions that guide our work: Why is it important? What is it? And how do we do it.” –  @sportpsychOG 
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“All of us want to create change. We have to look at the stages of change, sometimes the athletes aren’t ready. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge, strategies or resources we have.” – @sportpsychOG 
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“We need to pay attention to the people we are working with and we need to understand their human experience, where they are coming from and their cultural biases so we can be on the same page as they are.” –  @sportpsychOG
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“We as mental performance coaches need to challenge ourselves. We need to read, learn, listen, podcast and constantly grow. Whatever we preach to our athletes we need to do ourselves.” – @sportpsychOG
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