Former Pro Football Player Shares Story of Forgiveness and How to be a GameChanger in Life, Orlando Bowen

Orlando Bowen is a former professional football player whose mission is to inspire people to be GameChangers in the lives of others. GameChangers influence the path, perspective or possibilities for others and inspire people to see beyond their circumstances as they pursue excellence.

Orlando has been motivating corporate audiences for years through keynotes and through his role of founder and Executive Director of One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization. He equips people to get off the sidelines and become GameChangers in business and life.

Orlando has been recognized for his work by: Being awarded a Queen Diamond Jubille Medal, a national Harry Jerome Award, a national Canadian Youth Leadership Award, and is the feature of a nationally televised W-5 documentary entitled Personal Foul.

In this podcast, Orlando and Cindra talk about:

  • The night that ended his football career
  • His motivation for starting his non-profit
  • How pain is invitable but misery is optional
  • What you say to yourself matters especially when things don’t go your way
“You want to be your best so you can helps other be their best.” @orlandobowen
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“Even through adversity there are things to celebrate. There are things that cause challenge, but there are gifts right here in the present.” @orlandobowen
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“What you have now is enough to be a GameChnger for someone else.” @orlandobowen
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“A GameChanger is someone who impacts the PATH, POSSIBILITIES, or PERSPECTIVES of others.” @orlandobowen
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“Those things that shift our perspective are indeed the greatest gifts. Be open and be willing to accept those things.” @orlandobowen
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“Pain is inevitable, but misery is OPTIONAL.” @orlandobowen
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