8 Steps to Reignite Your Passion with Motivational Speaker, Mark J. Lindquist

Mark J Lindquist has been on the hottest shows on television (LOST, Hawaii Five-O), he performs for the largest crowds in America (NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA) and he speaks for the largest crowds in America (Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Microsoft, IBM, Starbucks).
Mark is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, highly sought-after success coach, world-touring entertainer, US Air Force and Afghanistan war veteran, and author of the books, “Passion! 8 Steps to Reignite Yours,” “Passion! 8 Steps to Find Yours” and “Service! My Way of Life.”  


Mark has performed live for over 3.5 million people in 22 countries and 46 states throughout his career.  He has performed for Grammy winning artists, Academy Award nominated actors, foreign dignitaries around the world as well as staffers at the White House. 

In this podcast, Mark and Cindra talk about:
  • Performance techniques to crush it in front of millions of people
  • Why people forget to make their passion a priority
  • The rocking chair principle
  • How to keep believing in your Superbowl
  • And 8 steps to reignite your passion

You can find a full description of the Podcast at cindrakamphoff.com/mark.

You can find Mark Linquist @MarkJLinquist on Twitter and www.markjlindquist.com/.

“Put yourself in as many high pressure situations as you can leading up to a performance so you can focus on the task at hand and feel ready” – @MarkJLinquist
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“Professionals build in things that are part of their process that makes sure they can never fail. It’s my insurance policy” – @MarkJLinquist
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“Are you paying attention to details? Are you preparing yourself for peak performance? Because nobody at the highest levels just goes in there and ‘wings it’ ” – @MarkJLinquist
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“As a public speaker, I have become a better person because I cannot be lying to my audience. I cannot be saying one thing and then doing another.” – @MarkJLinquist
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“If I’m going to preach it, I’m going to live it.” – @MarkJLinquist
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“It is easy for us to believe in someone else’s dream, but we forget to believe in our own” – @MarkJLinquist
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