Why Top Performers Never Settle for Balcony Seats with Hall of Fame Speaker, Marilyn Sherman

Marilyn Sherman, who just recently was inducted to the National Speaker Association’s CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, is one of 182 members in the world who hold this designation. After starting her career in corporate America, she is now seen as the go-to motivational keynote speaker for corporate and association markets that want their people to improve their morale, teamwork, and communication skills and ultimately achieve more results. In the 25 years she has served her clients in the speaking industry, she has motivated audiences to get out of their comfort zone and get a front-row seat in life.

Marilyn is the author of four motivational books including “Is There A Hole In Your Bucket List? “, “Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?”, “Why Settle for the Balcony, how to get a Front-Row Seat in Life” and “Front-Row Service”. Marilyn is a graduate of Washington State University and after working for Chrysler First Financial Services, she was a contract speaker for one of the top seminar companies in the United States and Canada.

She has earned her Certified Speaking Professional designation, the highest earned designation in the speaking profession, held by less than 12% of professional speakers worldwide. Clients that have been inspired by her keynotes include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, the F.D.I.C., and the US Post Office.

With her engaging, and fun personality, Marilyn connects with her audiences quickly and delivers content that they can immediately use when they get back to their office.

In this podcast, Marilyn and Cindra talk about:

  • What does it mean to be a front-row leader
  • The power of “acting as if…”
  • A powerful question to transform your self-image
  • The #1 roadblock to living and leading from the front-row

You can find a full description of the Podcast at cindrakamphoff.com/marilyn. (put this link on Libsyn instead of the tweets. The tweets just go on the website)

You can find Marilyn at marilynsherman.com and on Twitter at @FrontRowGirl.

“Front Row Philosophy: life is a big venue… and we can choose to be in the balcony, general admission, or the front row.” @FrontRowGirl 
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“The most important thing is to know you are worthy of a front row seat!” @FrontRowGirl
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“There’s no judgment when you have a big dream, and when you have a big goal, and when you have a big vision… but you just need to have ONE!” @FrontRowGirl
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“If you don’t have a mission or a vision you don’t really know if what you are doing right now is right for you.” @FrontRowGirl
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“When we become too comfortable in our front row seat, it can become a general admission seat.” @FrontRowGirl
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“In terms of goal setting, the first thing you need to be is OUTRAGEOUS. Let go of any preconceived notions of what you can and can’t do.” @FrontRowGirl
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“Your front row is a sacred space. There’s only so many seats in your front row so be careful who you invite to sit with you in your front row.” @FrontRowGirl
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“Ask yourself… what would a hall of fame speaker do today? Or whatever you aspire to be” @FrontRowGirl
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