Check in With Yourself with Marc Strickland, Sport Psychologist, Oakland Athletics & Multisport Psychological Services

Dr. Marc Strickland works with professional, Olympic, collegiate and elite junior athletes including the Oakland Athletics. He has also spent time with the Chicago Cubs. He specializes in helping athletes improve their mental toughness by developing sound mental skills.

As the founder and CEO of Multisport Psychological Consultants, Dr. Strickland is trained in the use of Performance Physiology techniques, like Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, to help clients train their minds to overcome mentally challenging situations.

In this interview, Marc and Cindra talk about:

  • What the best do differently
  • How the best in the world take care of their emotional needs
  • His advice for others working in this field
  • Why mental health is a performance enhancement issue
  • The growth of sport psychology in professional baseball
  • His advice to coaches who are dealing with a mental health issue on their team

You can find Marc at and on Twitter at @multisportpsyc and you can find Cindra on Twitter at @Mentally_Strong.


“The best in the world check in with themselves and their emotional needs.” @multisportpsyc
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“My biggest mistake is not taking the time to build the relationship with the athlete.” @multisportpsyc
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“My advice to others in this field of sport psychology – build trust with the athlete and don’t be in a hurry.” @multisportpsyc
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“A mental health issue is a performance enhancement issue.” @multisportpsyc
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“What advice would you give a coach who sees an athlete struggling?  Come from a caring place and “don’t avoid it. In a respectful and confidential way, talk to the athlete. Talk about their behaviors, don’t accuse them. Let them know that they can and need to talk to somebody.” @multisportpsyc
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