How to Build Your Resilience with Dr. Karen MacNeill, Performance Psychologist and CPO of Headversity

Dr. Karen MacNeill has the unique experience of having both competed and consulted on the World Stage. She is a performance psychologist with over 18 years of experience, having worked with athletes competing at the last 4 Olympic Winter Games, and competed herself at the international level for over a decade. Most recently, she was the Lead Mental Health Counsellor for the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea and will perform the same role in the 2021 Olympics in Japan.

As part of the day to day routine, Karen thrives having a broad scope of practice focused on building mental health, mental fitness and resilience. She is a founding partner with headversity, a mental wellness tech company that measures, tracks and trains resilience to help people think, feel and be better.

Karen is a sought-after presenter and speaker having delivered multiple presentations to CEO forum, leadership conferences and corporate events. She has been invited as a keynote speaker to industry leading conferences, organizational retreats and presented to aspiring leaders at the Young Women of Influence event.   She has also been selected as a TEDx speaker and was to deliver this talk later this spring.

In this podcast, Cindra and Karen talk:

  • Resilience strategies you can use right now
  • 3 phrases we may go through during this change
  • Why emotional agility is relevant right now
  • How to see our emotions as data not directors
  • Emotion driven vs. brand driven behavior
  • 2 powerful questions we can ask ourselves to connect with our purpose

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“We can’t control out external environment, but we can equip ourselves with the right protection, tools, and strategies to help us navigate and protect us against the ill effects of it.” – Dr. Karen MacNeill 
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“Emotional agility is the ability to sit with your full experience to acknowledge it with compassion and curiosity.” – Dr. Karen MacNeill
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“We have to fly in formation globally.” – Dr. Karen MacNeill
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“I can adjust and adapt to whatever comes my way.” – Dr. Karen MacNeill
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