Realizing Your Greatness with Lynn Casaletto, Behavioral Coach and Owner of Core Growth Consulting

Lynn is a behavioral coach, team development consultant and owner of Core Growth Consulting. Lynn spent five years as the Director of Growth & Development with Northwestern Mutual in New York City. Following a burning desire to help others realize their true greatness, Lynn founded Core Growth Consulting in 2005, which allowed her to focus on helping individuals and teams thrive.

Lynn’s passion is helping people build emotional intelligence through self-awareness. Lynn is a certified Harrison Assessment consultant and certified Martha Beck Coach. Lynn gets to live out her dream of running a family business with her husband and business partner, Craig. They are raising their two sons: Reid (7) & Ty (5) and now call Orange County, CA home.

In this podcast, Lynn and Cindra talk about:

  • The ah-ha moment Cindra had at Lynn’s presentation
  • The triad to change how you feel
  • How to should change your old stories
  • 5 Blocks to emotional intelligence
  • The 3 Mandates of Leadership she learned at a Tony Robbins leadership course

You can find Lynn at

“Everything I need is within me now.” – Lynn Casaletto
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“When you feel different you act different.” – Lynn Casaletto
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“What are the front runner thoughts that are serving me? What are the front runner thoughts that are not serving me?” – Lynn Casaletto
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“We can never be behind on our own path.” – Lynn Casaletoo
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“3 Mandates of Leadership – 1. See it how it is… not worse than it is. 2. See it better than it is. 3. Make it the way you want to see it.” – Lynn Casaletto
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