Developing Your Leadership SkillKit® with Liz Uram, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Liz Uram is a nationally-recognized speaker and corporate trainer who works with leaders who want to make a bigger impact, get better results, and motivate others to do their best.

Whether she’s training onsite at a client location or speaking at a leadership conference, audiences get practical solutions to everyday leadership challenges they can apply in the real-world.

After 20 years of experience practicing, studying, and teaching leadership skills, she developed systems that work. In fact, she created the Leadership SkillKit® and packed it full of tools to help leaders get real results, real fast.

In this podcast, Liz and Cindra talk about:

  • The 6 Most Basic Tools You Should Have in Your SkillKit
  • Why Clear Expectations is at the Heart of Giving Feedback
  • Her QQT Strategy for Giving Feedback
  • Her Nickle and Dime Strategy
  • Why Praising in Public is Important

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“Only 50% of people know what is expected of them on a daily basis.” – @CoachMentorLiz
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“Leaders use WAIT and ask themselves this important question– Why Am I Talking?” – @CoachMentorLiz
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“To excel at leadership requires so much inner work. It’s hard to be able to look at ourselves and say what do I need to get better at?” – @CoachMentorLiz
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“The best leaders are fair. When I say fair I mean meeting people according to where they are at.” – @CoachMentorLiz
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“Don’t jump on every piece of feedback you get. Look for trends.” – @CoachMentorLiz
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